5.7 Pixels


Video game experts are recruited by the military to fight 1980s-era video game characters who've attacked New York.

2015 Action 105 min Play
6.8 Counterattack


Security expert Lu Zi Ming is hired to work at an oil and gas plant project bidding event. He is framed by several of the parties involved. In order to prove his innocence he must now devise the ultimate counter-attack.

2021 Action 88 min Play
0 Brief History of a Family

Brief History of a Family

A middle-class family’s fate becomes intertwined with their only son’s enigmatic new friend in post one-child policy China, putting unspoken secrets, unmet expectations, and untended emotions under the microscope.

2024 Drama 99 min Play
5 The Ex-Files 4: Marriage Plan

The Ex-Files 4: Marriage Plan

Two friends stumble their way through marriage. Feeling exhausted, they start to question if getting married must be the ultimate goal of relationships.

2023 Comedy 129 min Play
TV 0 Pon no Michi

Pon no Michi

The story is set in Hiroshima Prefecture's Onomichi City, where a high school student Nashiko Jippensha was kicked out of her house. Without a place to play with her friends, she learns that the mahjong parlor that her father used to run is now vacant. She fixes the mahjong parlor and turns it into a place where she and her friends can have fun, cook, have tea, and sometimes play mahjong.

2024 Animation 24 min Play
TV 8.4 The Daily Life of the Immortal King

The Daily Life of the Immortal King

As a cultivation genius who has achieved a new realm every two years since he was a year old, Wang Ling is a near-invincible existence with prowess far beyond his control. But now that he’s sixteen, he faces his greatest battle yet – Senior High School. With one challenge after another popping up, his plans for a low-key high school life seem further and further away…

TV-14 bilibili
2020 Action 18 min Play
6.5 Bursting Point

Bursting Point

A chief inspector in the anti-narcotics unit holds true to his beliefs as a police officer. He puts everything on the line to crack down on drugs and to bring drug traffickers to justice. How will our hero resolve this "bursting point" crisis?

2023 Action 138 min Play
0 Kong and Jigme

Kong and Jigme

Lao Kong came to work in Tibet for the first time and needed translator urgently. By chance, he found Jiumei, who had studied in the mainland. Although they didn't understand each other at first, they eventually became lifelong friends.

2024 Drama 110 min Play
0 Imprisoned II: There Is No Escape From Fate

Imprisoned II: There Is No Escape From Fate

Hong Kong businessman YU and his secretary go to country A for business meetings; however, his secretary is killed in the hotel. YU is arrested on spot. Even though Yu plead for not guilty, but he is eventually put in a mixed and multinational prison. The warden has enjoyed torturing the prisoners until they die cruelty. YU must escape from this dark prison for survival. How could he breakout this cage in final?

2023 Crime 79 min Play
0 动物园里有什么?


2024 Comedy 0 min Play
6.6 Sakra


Qiao Feng is the respected leader of a roving band of martial artists. After he is wrongfully accused of murder and subsequently exiled, Qiao Feng goes on the run in search of answers about his own mysterious origin story—and the unknown enemies working to destroy him from the shadows.

2023 Action 130 min Play
TV 7.9 Only for Love

Only for Love

Zheng Shu Yi, a reporter who excels at her job and is determined to land a front-page story, has tried very hard to earn an exclusive interview with top financial executive Shi Yan. Their love story then blossoms due to a mistake. Zheng Shu Yi has written numerous reports through her in-depth research of various industries while Shi Yan is constantly looking for socially responsible start-ups to invest in as he hopes to give back to society as much as he can. Shi Yan finds that Zheng Shu ...

NR Hunan Television
2023 Drama 45 min Play
TV 6.4 The Last Immortal

The Last Immortal

After twenty-seven sad premature deaths, Ayin walked across Naihe Bridge to seek justice from the ghost monarch. Xiuyan told her that there were only two possibilities for such bad luck: one was that she had offended a great figure in the gods, and the other was that she herself was a great figure. Ayin scoffed at this, since the True God Bai Jue died and the ancient world was closed, there were no great figures in the Three Realms. Only after a long time that Ayin realized that Xiuyan’s ...

NR Mango TV
2023 Drama 45 min Play
TV 6.5 Trump Card

Trump Card

NR Zhejiang Television
2016 Reality 90 min Play
TV 8 Super Brain

Super Brain

2014 Reality 90 min Play
TV 9.3 Spare Me, Great Lord!

Spare Me, Great Lord!

As the superpower awoke, everyone was sparing no effort to cultivate. Lu Shu was the only one who could get stronger by collecting others’ negative feelings and calling people names! All he ever wanted was to protect his little sister, but no one could resist the trend of the world...Well, he'd just do what he had to do and thus become the strongest! Are you ready to welcome the "Super Demon" Lu Shu?

TV-PG Tencent Video
2021 Animation 24 min Play
TV 8.9 A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

A poor and ordinary boy from a village joins a minor sect in Jiang Hu and becomes an Unofficial Disciple by chance. How will Han Li, a commoner by birth, establish a foothold for himself in his sect? With his mediocre aptitude, he must successfully traverse the treacherous path of cultivation and avoid the notice of those who may do him harm. This is a story of an ordinary mortal who, against all odds, clashes with devilish demons and ancient celestials in order to find his own path towards ...

TV-14 bilibili
2020 Animation 19 min Play
TV 8.3 Throne of Seal

Throne of Seal

Six thousand years ago, the Demon God appeared and creatures were turned into demons. The mankind created six Temples to fight the demons. Long Haochen joins the Knights Temple. As he grows, an adventure unfolds. He wins the recognition of others and fights with the Six Temples against the demons for the sake of human beings. He sacrifices himself to protect the people. Could Long win the Throne of Seal and be granted the highest honor in the Knights' Temple? All remained to be revealed.

NR Tencent Video
2022 Action 23 min Play
TV 7 Divas Hit the Road

Divas Hit the Road

2014 Reality 90 min Play
TV 9 Infinity and Beyond

Infinity and Beyond

2022 Reality 18 min Play
TV 8 Hello Saturday

Hello Saturday

"Hello, Saturday" is the rebranding of popular Chinese show "Happy Camp", hosted by He Jiong and with a fixed group of regular celebrity members. The program showcases the talent of various stars as well as social topics through creative and diverse content and games. It aims to spread positive energy whilst keeping up with the current trends and leading youth culture.

NR Hunan Television
2022 Reality 102 min Play
TV 8.3 Perfect World

Perfect World

Born into a unique world where villages fight to gain power and control, the main character, Shi Hao, is a genius blessed by the heavens born under the poorest of conditions. His clan, however, has a mysterious past. To rise up and become the genius he is meant to be, the clan goes through every effort to aid his cultivation as they battle through fanatical monsters and engage in power struggles with other clans. His journey will bring him through unknown lands until he is able to become a ...

TV-14 Tencent Video
2021 Action 20 min Play
TV 0 Chained Soldier

Chained Soldier

Destructive monsters from the Mato dimension threaten the earth, while women gifted with powers from Peaches try to stop them. But to save the world, Yuuki must be willing to become Chief Kyoka's servant both on the battlefield and at home.

2024 Action min Play
TV 7.5 Detective College

Detective College

"Detective College", as a derivative of the fifth season of "Who's the Murderer", is a star reasoning variety show where selected detective assistants launched by Mango TV. The star guests determine the number of advances by rolling the dice on the checkerboard. When the game is triggered, the corresponding game needs to be completed. The first guest to reach the end becomes the current No.1. The program combines the form of team battles and individual battles to inspire the star guests ’IQ ...

NR Mango TV
2019 Mystery 45 min Play