0 10 Lives

10 Lives

Beckett is a pampered and selfish cat who totally takes for granted the lucky hand he has been dealt. All that is about to change, however, when he carelessly loses his ninth life.

2024 Animation 78 min Play
0 15 Years

15 Years

Pianist Jenny, once a musical prodigy, finds her footing in the Christian faith after serving 15 years for a murder she didn't commit. When she learns that her childhood sweetheart, once responsible for her ordeal, has become an internationally acclaimed star, the overwhelming need for revenge threatens her fragile agreement with God and her relationship with a Syrian musician who offers Jenny honest care and trust.

2024 Drama 143 min Play
6.5 1962 Halloween Massacre

1962 Halloween Massacre

A group of lifelong best friends go to a remote cottage on Halloween Night.

2023 Horror 80 min Play
TV 7.8 100 Years of Warner Bros.

100 Years of Warner Bros.

Tracing a century of movie and TV history, these four documentary specials explore the unparalleled global impact of Warner Bros. on art, commerce, and culture.

2023 Documentary min Play
TV 7.5 1 Night 2 Days

1 Night 2 Days

2 Days & 1 Night is a South Korean reality-variety show with the motto "real wild road variety." Its main concept is to recommend various places of interest that viewers can visit in South Korea.

2007 Comedy 90 min Play
6 12 Chairs

12 Chairs

Ostap Bender and Kisa Vorobyaninov embark on another journey in search of wealth hidden in one of the twelve antique chairs by an elderly countess during the revolution. The old woman died, having told the secret to her son-in-law. But the absent-minded Hippolyte, aka Kisa, missed the opportunity to redeem the property of a deceased relative, and now he will have to chase all over the country in search of that very chair, in the seat of which untold riches are hidden. Of course, Ostap's ...

2023 Adventure 0 min Play
8.2 12.12: The Day

12.12: The Day

After the assassination of President Park, martial law has been declared. A coup d’état bursts out by Defense Security Commander Chun Doo-gwang and a private band of officers following him. Capital Defense Commander Lee Tae-shin, an obstinate soldier who believes the military should not take political actions, fights against Chun Doo-gwang to stop him. The conflict between the two grows while military leaders are holding their decision and Defense Minister is gone. In the midst of chaos, ...

2023 Crime 142 min Play
5.2 12 Dares of Christmas

12 Dares of Christmas

High school teacher Elara’s quiet holiday season gets a jolt of spice when she accepts a 12 Dares of Christmas challenge from her sister while scrambling to ready her town for a Christmas exchange program with suave, opinionated French teacher Gabriel.

2023 Comedy 90 min Play
7 13 Bombs

13 Bombs

An organization races against time to uncover the mastermind behind the placement of 13 bombs in Jakarta before the city falls into chaos.

2023 Action 143 min Play
5.9 13 Exorcisms

13 Exorcisms

After participating in a séance, young Laura begins to behave strangely. Alarmed, her parents ask Father Olmedo, one of the few exorcists authorized by the Vatican to intervene in cases of demonic possession, for help.

2022 Drama 104 min Play
8.0 12th Fail

12th Fail

Based on the true story of IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma, 12th Fail sheds limelight on fearlessly embracing the idea of restarting the academic journey despite the setbacks and challenges and reclaiming one's destiny at a place where millions of students attempt the world's toughest competitive exam: UPSC.

2023 146 min Play