8.4 Me Vuelves Loca

Me Vuelves Loca

Carolina has a perfect life: she lives in a luxurious house, works in a fashion magazine and is married to a successful publicist. One day everything goes to waste: she discovers that she is sterile, the same day that her husband leaves her for her best friend, who, in addition, is pregnant with him. After the impact of this news, Carolina has a crisis, drinks too much, trips and falls from the second floor of her house, a fact that is interpreted as a suicide attempt.Carolina is interned ...

2023 Comedy 0 min Play
8.3 Welcome al Norte

Welcome al Norte

Polito is the manager of a courier and parcel branch in Yucatán, who seeks to fulfill his dream of receiving a promotion and having a place in Cancun to move in with his wife Teo and son. Pressured by his wife, he will be willing to do anything to get it and he plans a strategy where he will achieve his transfer but a little further north: Tijuana.

2023 Comedy 100 min Play
7.4 Stolen Vacation

Stolen Vacation

After years without a proper vacation, a debt-ridden family heads to San Antonio, Texas, with plans to spend a big wad of cash — if only it was theirs.

2023 Comedy 92 min Play
6.8 Los Habitantes

Los Habitantes

2023 Horror 0 min Play
6.4 V/H/S/85


Unveiled through a made-for-TV documentary, five chilling tales of found footage horror emerge to take viewers on a gore-filled journey through the grim underbelly of the forgotten 1980s.

2023 Crime 110 min Play
8.5 ¿Quieres ser mi hijo?

¿Quieres ser mi hijo?

Lu, a conformist woman in her forties, learns that her 15-year partner has been having extramarital affairs. Starting from scratch, she gets involved in an unexpected relationship with a young womanizer.

2023 Comedy 100 min Play
TV 7.9 El Gallo de Oro

El Gallo de Oro

2023 Drama min Play
0 Mundos Cósmicos

Mundos Cósmicos

Drugs won’t solve your problems, but they might help. At least that’s what Memo, a artist tortured by his own failure, thinks. About to turn 30, and in a troubled relationship with his girlfriend, Memo decides to try LSD for the first time in hopes that a psychedelic trip provides him with the answers he so desperately needs. Through the use of this hallucinogenic substance, Memo will access parts of his psyche previously unknown even to him. Come along for the ride.

2023 0 min Play
0 Disappear Completely

Disappear Completely

After visiting a crime scene, an ambitious and insensitive tabloid crime photographer falls victim to a mysterious illness.

2023 Horror 100 min Play
0 Straight


Ro is an investment banker who likes beer, sports, and his girlfriend Elia… and he also likes Cris.

2023 Romance 93 min Play
8 Memory


Sylvia is a social worker who leads a simple and structured life. This is blown open when Saul follows her home from their high school reunion. Their surprise encounter will profoundly impact both of them as they open the door to the past.

2023 Drama 100 min Play
7.9 Dating Santa

Dating Santa

Lucia is a consummate professional and the single mother of Leo, her beautiful and mischievous 6-year-old daughter, who is obsessed with Christmas and believes her birth was due to a Christmas miracle. Between her two full-time jobs (motherhood and architecture), she has neither the time nor the inclination to fall in love again, but when she reluctantly agrees to go on a blind date with Sergio, a handsome and likeable chef, the spark is undeniable.

2023 Comedy 98 min Play
0 Uma & Haggen

Uma & Haggen

In a futuristic society with a pre-hispanic heritage, a viking named Haggen decides to help princess Uma come back to her city in order to retrieve the throne of her deceased father.

2024 Adventure 85 min Play
8.6 Forever RBD

Forever RBD

The most successful Mexican pop group in decades returns after a successful tour of the United States, Colombia and Brazil to share not only their greatest hits, but an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at what the RBD reunion means to them.

2023 Documentary 102 min Play
5.1 Dad or Mom

Dad or Mom

Florencia and Vicente are getting divorced. When both are promoted at their jobs, they will do anything in order to do not keep custody of their children.

2023 Comedy 92 min Play
TV 7.4 The Strain

The Strain

A high concept thriller that tells the story of Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City. He and his team are called upon to investigate a mysterious viral outbreak with hallmarks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism. As the strain spreads, Eph, his team, and an assembly of everyday New Yorkers, wage war for the fate of humanity itself.

2014 Drama 44 min Play
6.3 God Is a Bullet

God Is a Bullet

Vice detective Bob Hightower finds his ex-wife murdered and daughter kidnapped by a cult. Frustrated by the botched official investigations, he quits the force and infiltrates the cult to hunt down the leader with the help of the cult’s only female victim escapee, Case Hardin.

2023 Action 155 min Play
6.4 Chupa


While visiting family in Mexico, a lonely boy befriends a mythical creature hiding on his grandfather's ranch and embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

2023 Adventure 98 min Play
7.7 A Frozen Rooster

A Frozen Rooster

Follow the adventures of Toto and his family, who will have to travel to the South Pole to fulfill their promise to return a polar bear and some Spanish penguins to their home. In order to fulfill the promise, they will have to overcome some obstacles that will teach them how important teamwork is.

2022 Adventure 91 min Play
8.4 The Legend of the Spirits

The Legend of the Spirits

Five years after giving up his powers and separating from his friends, Leo San Juan has started a new life trying to focus on his family and their bakery, staying away from danger and adventures. However, Leo knows that his plans are rarely fulfilled and this time is no exception: while traveling with Nando to Veracruz, things start to get weird, and from the depths of the Tuxtlas jungle, an ancient curse has returned and only Leo can face it.

2023 Animation 89 min Play
7.5 Sobreviviendo mis XV

Sobreviviendo mis XV

Quinceañeras, a magical age... except when your family wants to put you in a bulky dress and make you waltz in front of everyone, which is exactly what happens to Danae shortly after she transfers to a very proper private school. Now Danae has to manage to balance the demands of her family, those of her new friends and organize a cool, but traditional, but modern, but emotional, but aesthetic, but also grandmother-pleasing Quinceañera party... without dying in the process.

2023 Comedy 101 min Play
7.5 Heroic


Luis, an 18-year-old boy with Indigenous roots, enters the Heroic Military College in hopes of ensuring a better future. There, he encounters a rigid and institutionally violent system designed to turn him into a perfect soldier.

2023 Drama 88 min Play
7.6 Radical


In a Mexican border town plagued by neglect, corruption, and violence, a frustrated teacher tries a radical new method to break through his students’ apathy and unlock their curiosity, their potential… and maybe even their genius.

2023 Drama 127 min Play
TV 7.6 Minas de Pasión

Minas de Pasión

Emilia a single mother who works in a mine fall in love with Leonardo the son of Roberta Castro the most powerful of the people. Roberta will seek revenge on Emilia by making her life miserable.

NR Univision
2023 Drama min Play