7.8 Mira


Near future. Lera Arabova is a 15-year-old girl who lives with her family in Vladivostok. Lera's father has been working at the orbiting space station "Mira" for many years and has long lost contact with his daughter, turning only into a voice on the phone. After a meteor shower hits the city, Lera has only one chance to save her loved ones and the city from a new disaster. Her father helps her in this - through satellite surveillance systems and the telephone, he uses every opportunity to ...

2022 Adventure 110 min Play
6.6 Ostap Bender: The Final Hustle

Ostap Bender: The Final Hustle

1919, Solnechnomorsk. Talented adventurers have become too unexpected: now they are wanted by the Russian and Turkish police. They go to the south of Russia to take possession of the golden scepter of Count Rumyantsev. In pursuit of a precious little thing, terrorists, circus performers and even participating ladies can dress up as them. Meanwhile, Ostap’s mother is approaching the paws of the gloomy Satanist Crowley, in whose treasury, by a mysterious coincidence, there is also a scepter ...

2021 Action 97 min Play
6 Ostap Bender. The Empire’s Gold

Ostap Bender. The Empire’s Gold

The hunt for imperial gold continues. A priceless scepter, a treasure that could secure a worry-free life in sunny Rio de Janeiro for Ibrahim Bender and his young apprentice Ostap, has slipped from under their noses and ended up in possession of Nestor Makhno, an anarchist army commander. Makhno is convinced that the scepter is one of many imperial relics hidden in the area. With mafia, partisans, and officers of the Red and White armies all determined to get their hands on the fabled gold ...

2021 Action 87 min Play
5 Granit


Mozambique requests from Russia is being helped in the fight against militants of the "Islamic State" and a special group led by a commander with the call sign Granit is coming to the country.

2021 Action 100 min Play
0 Rock It, Stone Fish!

Rock It, Stone Fish!

Zhanna returns from Moscow to the city of her childhood, having learned that her father is dying. She did not communicate with him for the last 20 years after he left his family. Zhanna does not have time to catch him alive and plans to return to Moscow immediately after organizing the funeral. But the story takes a new turn: the father's corpse comes to life. He demands to spend the last day together.

2024 Comedy 99 min Play
5.3 #Blue_Whale


The story of a girl who, in an attempt to understand the mysterious suicide of her younger sister, embarks on a dangerous game, hoping to stop the curators of the "death group" pushing teenagers to suicide.

2021 Drama 93 min Play
0 Турбозавры. Год Дракона

Турбозавры. Год Дракона

The adventures and magic of the New Year whirled the Tarbosaurs in a winter fairy tale. They are looking forward to new discoveries and are always ready to bravely rush to the aid of friends. Together with the Tarbosaurs, Petya and Katya prepare a holiday in honor of the year of the Dragon, find an oasis in the middle of winter and build an ice castle.

2024 Adventure 48 min Play
0 The Master and Margarita

The Master and Margarita

Moscow, 1930s. A prominent writer's works are suddenly censored by the Soviet state and the premiere of his theatrical play about Pontius Pilate is canceled. He's kicked out of the Soviet Writer's Union, and quickly turns into an outcast with no means to survive. Inspired by Margarita - his lover, he begins working on a new novel in which all the characters are satirically reinterpreted from his life. The novel's central character is Woland - a mystical dark force who visits Moscow to ...

2024 Drama 157 min Play
TV 9.3 Difficult teens

Difficult teens

Popular football player Anton Kovalev, after spending two years in prison for a drunken brawl in a cafe, is released. The offense blocked the successful career of Kovalev, who was previously the captain of the Russian national team. The reputation of a "downed pilot" does not allow him to continue his favorite business and get a prestigious job. The head of the center for difficult teenagers, Herman, who once raised Anton, offers him a place in the center to prepare difficult children for ...

NR more.tv
2019 Comedy 25 min Play
TV 7.1 Penultimate Instance

Penultimate Instance

Maxim and Valentina work in the Department for the Distribution of Souls — 24 hours before the death of a person, they must determine where he will go — to hell or heaven. And since both are guaranteed paradise under an employment contract, Maxim is trying to earn extra money and sell a place in paradise to oligarchs, and Valentina dreams of returning her husband from hell.

NR Okko
2022 Comedy 28 min Play
6 12 Chairs

12 Chairs

Ostap Bender and Kisa Vorobyaninov embark on another journey in search of wealth hidden in one of the twelve antique chairs by an elderly countess during the revolution. The old woman died, having told the secret to her son-in-law. But the absent-minded Hippolyte, aka Kisa, missed the opportunity to redeem the property of a deceased relative, and now he will have to chase all over the country in search of that very chair, in the seat of which untold riches are hidden. Of course, Ostap's ...

2023 Adventure 0 min Play
7.5 Три богатыря и Пуп Земли

Три богатыря и Пуп Земли

New adventures of three bogatyrs and their comrade-in-arms Julius Horse.

2023 Adventure 0 min Play
8 Son of a Rich 2

Son of a Rich 2

Grigory, the son of an oligarch, is fully rehabilitated after his humbling experience as a 19th-century serf. Moreover, he develops a strong sense of moral justice. When he meets a pampered young socialite named Katya, he is abhorred by her insolent escapades. Grigory transports Katya “back in time” to teach her a valuable lesson about humility.

2024 Comedy 0 min Play
6.5 Big Trip 2: Special Delivery

Big Trip 2: Special Delivery

It has been a year since Mic Mic and Oscar returned from their incredible adventure. And now, after a diabolical plan by Vulture to sabotage the delivery of the Grizzly cub to his opponent in the American presidential elections, Mic Mic, Oscar, Panda teenager and Stork set off on another great adventure as they ride a zeppelin to return little Grizzly to its rightful parents and save the American elections and the whole continent from an erupting volcano.

2022 Adventure 90 min Play
7.2 Cats in the Museum

Cats in the Museum

A cartoon about the famous four-legged inhabitants of the St. Petersburg Winter Palace - museum cats that protect the territory of the State Hermitage from rats and mice.

2023 Animation 80 min Play
0 The Bremen Town Musicians

The Bremen Town Musicians

The legendary band of traveling musicians is back together! Troubadour and his friends - Donkey, Dog, Cat, and Rooster - rejoin to take on a heroic mission. The musicians and their leader set out to bring laughter and joy back to the gloomy streets of Bremen. First of all, they are tasked with making the King's daughter laugh. The meeting between Troubadour and the Princess sparks feelings of love in them but also results in a dangerous adventure. Troubadour and his friends face many ...

2024 Adventure 0 min Play