8.2 Life in a Year

Life in a Year

A 17 year old finds out that his girlfriend is dying, so he sets out to give her an entire life, in the last year she has left.

2020 Drama 107 min Play
5 La Soga: Salvation

La Soga: Salvation

Years after his final job as a highly sought-after hitman, Luisito has settled down with his girlfriend Lia in a quiet seaside town. Unfortunately, they do not enjoy peace for long as Lia is kidnapped by someone who wants Luisito to use his skills one last time. With Lia's life hanging in the balance, Luisito takes on a crew of dangerous killers, including a particularly mysterious assassin who has long awaited the chance to even the score with her rival, La Soga.

2022 Action 92 min Play
0 Luther: Never Too Much

Luther: Never Too Much

Luther Vandross started his career supporting David Bowie, Roberta Flack, Bette Midler, and more. His undeniable talent earned platinum records and accolades, but he struggled to break out beyond the R&B charts. Intensely driven, he overcame personal and professional challenges to secure his place amongst the greatest vocalists in history.

2024 Documentary 101 min Play
0 LasVegas


Tristan is into fashion design while his parents take care of the rest. Sunny is a drag queen and a money boy, living life on the explosive side. When they meet, things go boom all of a sudden - and when they fall in love with each other, they embark on a road trip beyond their wildest imagination.

2024 100 min Play
0 Love and Work

Love and Work

Diane and Fox love to work. Unfortunately, they live in a polarized world where having a job is illegal.

2024 Comedy 74 min Play
0 La scomparsa di Bruno Bréguet

La scomparsa di Bruno Bréguet

In 1970, the barely twenty-year-old high school student Bruno Breguet was arrested in Israel while trying to smuggle explosives into the country for the Palestinian resistance. He became radicalized during his imprisonment and joined the group around the terrorist Carlos after his release. In 1995, he mysteriously disappears.

2024 Documentary 97 min Play
0 Love Machina

Love Machina

Futurists Martine and Bina Rothblatt commission an advanced humanoid AI named Bina48 to transfer Bina’s consciousness from a human to a robot in an attempt to continue their once-in-a-galaxy love affair for the rest of time.

2024 Documentary 91 min Play
0 La Palisiada

La Palisiada

Ukraine, 1996. 5 months before the moratorium on capital punishment, two old friends, a police detective and a forensic psychiatrist, investigate a murder of their colleague. Long time ago, both of them were in love with the widow of the deceased. Immersed in the complicated case and long forgotten memories, they create a future where their children have to live, inheriting unrealized aspirations of their parents.

2024 Drama 100 min Play
0 Last Night at Terrace Lanes

Last Night at Terrace Lanes

Young heroine Kennedy and her friends find themselves at Terrace Lanes on its last night of operation. When chaos breaks out, Kennedy and her father must come together to try and save their friends and survive the night.

2024 Horror 75 min Play
0 Layla


When Layla, a struggling Arab drag queen, falls in love for the first time, they lose and find themself in a transformative relationship that tests who they really are.

2024 Drama 99 min Play
7.4 Little Richard: I Am Everything

Little Richard: I Am Everything

The story of the Black queer origins of rock n' roll. It explodes the whitewashed canon of American pop music to reveal the innovator – the originator – Richard Penniman. Through a wealth of archive and performance that brings us into Richard's complicated inner world, the film unspools the icon's life story with all its switchbacks and contradictions.

2023 Documentary 98 min Play
TV 8.6 Love, Victor

Love, Victor

Victor is a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city, and struggling with his sexual orientation. When it all seems too much, he reaches out to Simon to help him navigate the ups and downs of high school.

TV-14 Hulu
2020 Comedy 30 min Play
0 La Tête froide

La Tête froide

Marie, in her forties, lives in the Hautes-Alpes, cut off from her relatives. She only has her lover, Alex, a border policeman. Thanks to him, she smuggles cigarettes between Italy and France for her ' get out. On her way to France, she bumps into Mouneer, a 20-year-old Sudanese migrant, determined to join his little sister. He guesses her trafficking and persuades her to bring migrants across the border.

2024 Drama 0 min Play
0 Le Voyage en pyjama

Le Voyage en pyjama

2024 Comedy 0 min Play
6 Lassie: A New Adventure

Lassie: A New Adventure

Instead of spending their vacations in Gran Canaria with their parents, Flo and Lassie are taken by butler Gerhardt to the farm of aunt Cosima in South Tyrol, who lives there with Jack Russell Pippa and her foster children Kleo and Henri. Gerhardt, meanwhile, spends time at the Grand Hotel Sternberg, not far away, and assists the hotel owner Bianca Sternberg there - because he is completely inexperienced at taking vacations. When Flo, Kleo and Henri learn of missing dogs in the village, ...

2023 Adventure 92 min Play
6.8 Lonely Castle in the Mirror

Lonely Castle in the Mirror

Shy outcast Kokoro has been avoiding school for weeks when she discovers a portal in her bedroom mirror. She reaches through and finds herself transported to an enchanting castle where she is joined by six other students. When a girl in a wolf mask explains that they have been invited to play a game, the teens must work together to uncover the mysterious connection that unites them. However, anyone who breaks the rules will be eaten by a wolf.

2022 Animation 116 min Play
0 La dernière danse

La dernière danse

An unexpected affection is formed between the least likely pair: a young woman and her kidnapper. With equally haunting pasts, the young dancer begins to recognize her kidnapper's humanity as she moves through his creative world of escapism.

2024 Drama 85 min Play
0 Love Me

Love Me

Long after humanity's extinction, a buoy and a satellite meet online and fall in love.

2024 Drama 92 min Play
0 Lion-Girl


In the year 20XX, mysterious meteors bombard the Earth and usher in an age of horrific beasts known as 'ANOROC', hunting and killing humans for their life force. The Earth has one last defender against them; her name is 'LION-GIRL'.

2024 Action 121 min Play
7.9 Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day

Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day

On 10th December 2007, Led Zeppelin took the stage at London's O2 Arena to headline a tribute concert for dear friend and Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun. Founding members John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were joined by Jason Bonham, the son of their late drummer John Bonham, to perform 16 songs from their celebrated catalog.

2012 Music 124 min Play
0 L’home dels nassos

L’home dels nassos

2024 Adventure 0 min Play
0 Lal Salaam

Lal Salaam

2024 Drama 0 min Play
0 Little Death

Little Death

A middle-aged filmmaker on the verge of a breakthrough. Two kids in search of a lost backpack. A small dog a long way from home.

2024 Comedy 104 min Play
0 Let’s Go Karaoke!

Let’s Go Karaoke!

Nothing worries Satomi Oka more than the upcoming final choir competition of his middle school career—right up until he is accosted by a stranger from the shadows who demands, “Let's go karaoke!” As a yakuza, Kyouji Narita doesn't scare easily, but a terrifying prospect has driven him to seek Satomi's help. The boss is holding a karaoke contest, with the loser forced to get a tattoo to be selected and tortuously applied by the boss himself! Oka has been to many vocal rehearsals over the ...

2024 Comedy 0 min Play