7.1 Uri: The Surgical Strike

Uri: The Surgical Strike

Following the roguish terrorist attacks at Uri Army Base camp in Kashmir, India takes the fight to the enemy, in its most successful covert operation till date with one and only one objective of avenging their fallen heroes.

2019 Action 138 min Play
0 UFC 297: Strickland vs. du Plessis – Prelims

UFC 297: Strickland vs. du Plessis – Prelims

Preliminary fights for UFC 297, a mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship that took place on January 20, 2024, at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2024 Action 0 min Play
0 Unbearable BloodLust

Unbearable BloodLust

After being attacked. Verona has to try and handle the new changes.

2024 Thriller 7 min Play
0 Upadhyaksha


Upcoming Kannada film

2024 Comedy 0 min Play
TV 5.6 University Challenge

University Challenge

Academic quiz show where teams of students from UK universities answer questions on all manner of subjects.

1962 Family 30 min Play
0 Un coup de dés

Un coup de dés

2024 Crime 0 min Play
0 Union


The Amazon Labor Union (ALU) — a group of current and former Amazon workers in New York City’s Staten Island — takes on one of the world’s largest and most powerful companies in the fight to unionize.

2024 Documentary 100 min Play
TV 7.4 Undead Unluck

Undead Unluck

Andy, a Negator with the ability "Undead," has been long in search for someone with the ability to give him a 'real death.' Fuko Izumo brings misfortune to those around her due to her ability "Unluck." The two decide to join the Union, an organization which aims to control and protect the world from unidentified phenomena. The two uncover the mystery of the world as they search for the "greatest death ever."

2023 Action 24 min Play
TV 6.9 Urusei Yatsura

Urusei Yatsura

Tokyo. Tomobiki Town. Lum, the gorgeous daughter of an invading race of Oni Aliens is smitten with High School student Ataru Moroboshi. A dedicated womanizer, Ataru is unfazed by Lum’s fierce electric shock attacks and continues his daily hunt for pretty girls. With a host of other unique characters, including classmate Shinobu, elegant shrine maiden Sakura, Lum’s best friend’s Oyuki, Benten and Ran, Buddhist Monk Cherry, Ten, the little brat, heir to a wealthy family Shutaro Mendo and the ...

TV-14 Fuji TV
2022 Action 12 min Play
6.5 Under the stars

Under the stars

Since he was a kid, Yazid has one big passion, pastry making. Raised between foster homes and group homes, the young man will try to make his dream come true: to work with the greatest pastry chefs and become the best.

2023 Comedy 110 min Play
0 Uma & Haggen

Uma & Haggen

In a futuristic society with a pre-hispanic heritage, a viking named Haggen decides to help princess Uma come back to her city in order to retrieve the throne of her deceased father.

2024 Adventure 85 min Play
5 Under Your Bed

Under Your Bed

Ji-hoon comes alive only when he sees Ye-eun at college. After a long time, he desires to see her once more. Unfortunately, she has lost her vivacity after marrying her abusive husband, Hyung-oh. Ji-hoon hides under both their noses to rescue her from her suffering.

2023 Romance 99 min Play
TV 7.6 Utawarerumono


Hakuoro has lost his memory after succumbing to serious injuries. But thanks to an elderly woman and her granddaughter Eruruu, he is nursed back to health. His face is covered by a strange irremovable mask and he occasionally sees beastly visions. Eruruu now cares for him as he becomes accustomed to the village and its inhabitants, who all bear strange ears (the women also have tails). Though these people venerate the forces of nature, desecration of an altar forces them to take drastic ...

TV-14 Tokyo MX
2006 Action 24 min Play
TV 7.2 Unforgettable


Former Syracuse, New York, police detective Carrie Wells has hyperthymesia, a rare medical condition that gives her the ability to visually remember everything. She reluctantly joins the New York City Police Department's Queens homicide unit after her former boyfriend and partner asks for help with solving a case. The move allows her to try to find out the one thing she has been unable to remember, which is what happened the day her sister was murdered.

2011 Crime 45 min Play
TV 6.6 Underbelly


Underbelly is an Australian television true crime-drama series, each series is a stand alone story based on real-life events.

TV-MA Nine Network
2008 Drama 60 min Play
7.9 Up


Carl Fredricksen spent his entire life dreaming of exploring the globe and experiencing life to its fullest. But at age 78, life seems to have passed him by, until a twist of fate (and a persistent 8-year old Wilderness Explorer named Russell) gives him a new lease on life.

2009 Adventure 96 min Play
5.3 Urkel Saves Santa: The Movie!

Urkel Saves Santa: The Movie!

The holiday season has arrived, and brilliant but accident-prone Steve Urkel has already ruined his local celebration by publicly humiliating a shopping mall Santa. In his attempt to make things right and score some nice points with the big guy in the North Pole, Steve creates an invention that only makes things worse. Using his big brain and even bigger heart, Steve must find the real Santa to see if together they can help the city rediscover the holiday spirit.

2023 Animation 86 min Play
TV 2.5 Ulice


Ulice is a Czech soap opera produced and broadcast by Nova. In the Czech language Ulice means street. The show describes the lives of the Farský, Jordán, Boháč, Nikl, and Liška families and many other people that live in Prague. Their daily battle against real problems of living in a modern world like divorce, love, betrayal and illness or disease. Ulice often shows crime.

2005 Comedy 50 min Play
TV 6.8 Unpredictable Family

Unpredictable Family

A romantic family drama about a divorced couple who broke up 30 years ago out of hate, reuniting as in-laws through their children and overcoming long overdue conflicts and enmity.

TV-14 KBS1
2023 Comedy min Play