TV 10 The Sign

The Sign

For as long as Tharn can remember, he's had premonitions about those around him, sensing both the good and the bad. Partners on a team of special investigators, when kind and cheerful Tharn met clever and charming Phaya, it felt as though they'd known each other for a long time.

NR YouTube
2023 Action min Play
0 China Town Cha Cha

China Town Cha Cha

A young girl goes back to the past to choose if she wants to change her family fortune.

2024 Action 120 min Play
0 Sawan Bannok Kokkok The Movie

Sawan Bannok Kokkok The Movie

2024 Music 0 min Play
TV 10 Last Twilight

Last Twilight

Day, a promising badminton player finds out he has infectious keratitis and will shortly go blind. He has no other choice but to take Mork, a reckless technical college student thug, as his caretaker. While Day is attempting to comprehend the significance of the remaining light, he discovers that Mork's face, which is only seen as a blur, is becoming increasingly essential in his life. Day has to make the most of his final vision, as well as answer for himself...why he is unable to get ...

NR YouTube
2023 Drama min Play
TV 8.5 Pit Babe

Pit Babe

Babe, the number 1 racer, is Charlie's idol. Charlie wants to be just like Babe, but doesn't have a race car of his own. So he gathers up his courage and approaches Babe to ask to borrow one. For fun, Babe agrees and the two strike an interesting deal.

NR YouTube
2023 Drama 50 min Play
TV 0 My Universe

My Universe

"My Universe The Series" explores twelve stories of eleven male-male couples, each delving into friendships and relationships woven together by a cosmic web of love. It’s a beautiful blend of romance, drama, comedy, thrills, and fun, leaving viewers profoundly touched.

NR Amarin TV
2023 Drama min Play
TV 0 Love Senior

Love Senior

Second year electrical engineering student Gyoza is head hazer of her branch. As part of their initiation activities, freshy Manaow asks for Gyoza's signature. Contrary to Manaow's expectations of the small senior, Gyoza has a cool personality. Instead of getting an easy signature, Gyoza makes Manaow agree to compete in the electrical engineering freshy contest paired with her friend Ali.

2023 Drama 51 min Play
TV 10 The Whisperer

The Whisperer

Khun starts to see wandering ghosts and hears voices from a whispering ghost in their house after losing his brother and sister-in-law in a car accident. Leaving him the responsibility of taking care of his nephew. Together with his partner, Taw, they decided to look for a house to start over a new life. However, the spirits are chasing them! There’s also a madman who’s thinking about taking the “Nong Duang Jai” out of his chest. The lover who used to be faithful seems to secretly have a ...

NR YouTube
2023 Drama 45 min Play
5.7 Death Whisperer

Death Whisperer

When a remote village is plagued by a deadly curse, one brother must fight to save his family from a terrifying supernatural threat.

2023 Horror 121 min Play
4 The Adventures

The Adventures

Joy, a secretary at a large multinational company, has an online shopping problem, likes to read adventure novels and watch travel and adventure shows. She daydreams about living a life of adventure. One day, on a trip to Shanghai with her boss, Joy meets Thai traveler 'Ricky' at an antiques shop. Ricky sells largely counterfeit antiques to the rich and is in debt to many. The two fight over a pair of strange statues at the shop. When Ricky gets the prize back to his room, he accidentally ...

2023 Adventure 143 min Play
1 Nednari


The movie was inspired by seven sins of seven politicians (7 deadly sins) where the story goes back when they were 15, in their last camping time of their lives.

2023 Horror 95 min Play
6.6 The Flood

The Flood

A horde of giant hungry alligators is unleashed on a group of in-transit prisoners and their guards after a massive hurricane floods Louisiana.

2023 Action 93 min Play