7.5 Old Fox

Old Fox

Set in the late 1980s, this family drama is about an 11-year-old boy who befriends his landlord, nicknamed Old Fox, and learns from him how to survive in a rapidly changing world as well as things his poor father would never be able to teach him.

2023 Drama 112 min Play
4.7 The Rope Curse 3

The Rope Curse 3

Aspiring to become a parkour influencer, a gifted young man from an exorcist family gets caught up in a swirl of spooky events at an eerie hotel.

2023 Horror 109 min Play
5.2 Miss Shampoo

Miss Shampoo

In a hair salon in an alley, apprentice Fen practices day and night in the hope of becoming a fully-fledged hairdresser soon. On a stormy night, Tai, a wounded gang boss, rushes into the salon to hide from his rival. With Fen’s help, Tai manages to escape. Smitten by Fen and to repay her kindness, Tai brings his underlings to have their hair cut in the salon and passionately pursues Fen. When Fen and Tai, who come from such different backgrounds, gradually come to understand each other and ...

2023 Comedy 121 min Play
8 Trouble Girl

Trouble Girl

According to the biggest dating website's research, teacher is among the top five professions most likely to cheat, and their students' parents are among the people whom they cheat with. Xiao-xiao, who has mild ADHD, is the troublemaker in her class. But she has her own trouble - her mother Wei-fang and her homeroom teacher, Paul, have started a romantic relationship as a result of discussing her ADHD conditions.

2023 Drama 103 min Play
0 The Young Hoodlum

The Young Hoodlum

Cheng-han and his three buddies grew up in dysfunctional and poor families without adults protecting them. One weekend, they meet Pin-ran, who is traveling alone. They have a great time together and Pin-ran joins their “Robinhood” activities and commits crimes: Theft and robberies. However, the boys soon realize that Pin-ran belongs to another world. Cheng-han discovers that he has feelings for Pin-ran. His buddies have other wishes and desires…

2024 Crime 79 min Play